21 AAPI Actors Who Need To Be In A Rom-Com ASAP

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21 AAPI Actors Who Need To Be In A Rom-Com ASAP

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sucker for a good rom-com. I’ve rounded up a bunch of AAPI actors who should absolutely be cast in the next major lovey-dovey motion picture. Take a look:


To start, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gives daddy vibes so who wouldn’t want to see him look for love on screen?


Jason Momoa…need I say more?


While Simu Liu recently starred in One True Loves, it wouldn’t hurt to see him in a few more rom-coms! (*looking at you, casting agents*)


Lewis Tan just needs to give the camera that gaze and *boom* you’d be falling head over heels.


Ross Butler has two rom-coms under his belt with appearances in the To All the Boys franchise, but I’d say audiences are ready for more…


Who doesn’t love a man who can make you laugh? Steven Yeun proved he has that skill in Beef.


If Darren Barnet didn’t already make you swoon in Never Have I Ever, you miiiight need to go back and watch it again.


Is Avan Jogia the next major rom-com star we’ve all been sleeping on?!


Manny Jacinto just has the “guy who swoops someone off her feet” vibes.


Young Mazino just had his breakout role in Beef, and I’m sure that won’t be the last of him we see of him.


Dev Patel and those GQ vibes? Yes, please.


Ki Hong Lee radiates sweet, charming confidence.


Daniel K. Isaac and his million-dollar smile would make any heart instantly melt.


KJ Apa’s swag is undeniable. Not to mention, he has a pretty shredded set of abs.


Comedian Ronny Chieng knows laughter is one of the keys to any lasting love story, and this guy is pretty good at that.


There’s just something about Riz Ahmed that screams romantic leading man. Maybe it’s the beard?


Vincent Rodriguez III’s kind eyes would give audiences all sorts of butterflies.


Alexander Hodge and his luscious locks are a yes for me.


Taika Waititi’s relationship with his wifey Rita Ora is pretty much the definition of goals, so who wouldn’t want to see this love story played out in film?


Finally, who can forget the man, the myth, and the legend that is Keanu Reeves? Maybe there’s a John Wick rom-com in the future…kidding!

What other AAPI actor would you add to this list? Share their name(s) in the comments!