Hailey Bieber Says She’s Scared To Have Kids

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Hailey Bieber Says She’s Scared To Have Kids

The Rhode founder, 26, admitted that, while she thinks about motherhood often, she worries about how her fame would affect her kids.

“I literally cry about this all the time,” Hailey shared.

“I want kids so bad, but I get scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child.”

But Hailey also recognized that “we can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.”

Hailey’s currently married to Justin Bieber. They dated off and on for years before marrying in 2018.

Justin, 29, previously said he and Hailey both wanted a few children. “I’d love to have myself a little tribe,” he shared. “But, yeah, it’s her body and whatever she wants to do.”

You can read more from Hailey’s interview with the Times here.