Megan Fox Says She’s “Never, Ever” Loved Her Body

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There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Megan Fox‘s appearance.

The Transformers actress recently opened up about her experience with body dysmorphia and the challenges of embracing the skin she’s in.

“I have body dysmorphia—I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me,” Megan said in a video for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023 issue. “There’s never a point in my life where I loved my body, never, ever.”

The mom of three—who is one of the magazine’s cover stars, alongside Martha Stewart, Kim Petras and more—explained that she’s always been cognizant of her body, even at a young age.

“When I was little, that was an obsession I had of but I should look this way,” the 36-year-old recalled. “And why I had an awareness of my body that young I’m not sure. The journey of loving myself is going to be never-ending.”